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Writing progress

I decided, on arriving home yesterday, that a) I was, really genuinely, too tired to write coherently and b) taking one day off week wasn't going to hurt. By Friday evening, after a long week (or perhaps more correctly a short and very intensive week as far as the day job goes), I need to just stop and re-charge the batteries.

This morning, despite feeling slight reluctance, I chanted all the motivating mantras I knew, left the computer unplugged from the phoneline and went upstairs to write.

The result was 1123 useful words. They're not brilliant, but they'll do. It was mainly narrative summary, which though I generally find difficult, I can do much more easily in this book as it's omniscient. In the One About the War (put unfinished on back burner about this time last year), I found narrative summary next to impossible. I think it was because I was writing in very tight filtered third, though I'm not quite sure why this seemed to preclude narrative transitions. Perhaps it was because it would, inevitably, have meant pulling out to a slight distance. Mostly I just cut from one scene to the next, with just a sentence or two of reflection by the character to cover the gap.

Writing felt sluggish. I stopped for the first time and did a word count at 687 words. My new target for non-working days is 1000, so telling myself firmly that I could easily write another 313 words, I made another mug of tea (Russian Caravan this time), had 3 squares of Cadbury Dairy Milk Turkish Delight, and sat down at the keyboard again. Putting the CD on to repeat the last two tracks of the Chinese writing music (namely The Song of the Four Seasons and The Crab and the Egret -- quite lively that last track), I pushed on again until a second word count revealed that only a few words were required. Another couple of senteces took it to the 1123.

Total novel: 38,586
Currently writing: Chapter 8
Words today: 1123

Need to pop into town now. I have 10 short stories (500 words each) to critique today for students on the OU course I tutor. If it stays hot and sunny, I'm going to try taking the old laptop out into the garden and working under the trees.

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