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Not quite spring, but it can't be far off now

I wouldn't go so far as to say that today was warm, but it was not cold and the angle of the light has changed so even though today was overcast, it was brighter and *gasp* I found myself with the urge to do some spring cleaning.

First I pulled all the clothes out of the wardrobe, meaning to sort out any that I don't want to keep any more, but then I got more ambitious and went out to start moving things around in the garage. I shifted the final items off one of the grey metal shelving units and dismantled it. I will put it on Freecycle when I've given it a quick wash down. I also brought in a wooden shelf unit thing that our son made in woodwork class at school. I think it might sit in the bottom of the wardrobe and enable me to organise my sweaters better. If that doesn't work, I will have a bonfire later in the week. :)

I also pulled out a couple of sacks of rubbish that can go in the normal refuse collection, but I definitely need a trip to the recycling centre to free up some space.

I think I probably say this every year, but perhaps this will be the year I finally get the garage cleared and tidied? Of course I then realised that I had left all the clothes piled on the bed and just had to put them all back unsorted, but I seem to be feeling more active, so that is good.

Before I got the urge to tidy the garage, I did a few things online this morning, including buying the latest Jasper Fforde book One of Our Thursdays is Missing. Just published today and on my iPod Touch already! It's fun living in the future. :)

I also did some cyber tidying. I joined LibraryThing about 3 years ago and never used the account. It seemed too much like hard work uploading all my books and I couldn't really see the point. I have, however, seen my online friends refer to reviews posted on Goodreads so I have deleted my LibraryThing account and joined Goodreads instead. I've found a few people on there that I know already, so if you get a friends request, I'm Helen and using the icon attached to this post.

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