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Weather warmer, but gloomy

I haven't taken any photos this week, other than a quick shot of the grey metal shelves for putting on Freecycle in due course. The light is dull and would not produce good pictures for either weekly theme. There may be brighter weather tomorrow and if so, I must grab the opportunity.

It didn't help that I had to wait in this morning for a delivery of printer ink. That precluded taking advantage of the only sunny moment. Anyway, I have made inroads into the crits I had to do for my OU students and we had nice home-made carrot and lentil soup for lunch, with a couple of Welsh cakes for afters.

I have finally started baking again after not doing any for many years. So far it's just scones, Welsh cakes and mince pies. (Yes, we happily eat Christmas food at all times of the year and the mincemeat was reduced in the Co-op, so it's a bargain.)

My reasoning is that if I bake my own cakes, I know what's in them and they're likely to contain less fat and sugar than bought ones. As an experiment, I'm trying the opposite to what I used to do. In the past, I would make a fairly large batch and then freeze the surplus. This was good when I was working full time and didn't always have time to bake. But I'm currently experimenting with making small batches most days so we can eat them fresh. It's working so far, but of course if an egg is involved, you can't add half an egg, so I need to think about that problem.

So that has been my day. Not very exciting, I'm afraid. The highlight was probably working out my costume for the Welsh play. Last week I found a silvery grey tunic top with shiny bits on the front in the charity shop, which is just the thing to go with the pink wig. All I need now is a wide silver belt, if such a thing can be found cheaply enough.

And now I must toddle to the Co-op to buy food for dinner -- and more flour.

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