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A more useful day

Celandine by the front doorI managed to do some of the spring cleaning that got postponed from yesterday. I have learned not to try to Clean All the Things in one day so I just:

  • Pulled all the things out of the bottom shelf of the big kitchen cupboard.

  • Threw away the junk that always seems to accumulate in cupboards.

  • Scrubbed the bottom of the cupboard.

  • Also cleaned a grubby patch of wall that was grubby because G leans on it when he warms his bottom on the radiator.

  • Also removed cobwebs from the light fitting and a small picture.

  • Decided that some of the items removed from the cupboard should be in the garage.

  • Took items to garage.

  • Found a couple of containers (a basket and an old ice cream container) to containerise some random stuff that was just loose in the cupboard.

  • Put everything back into the cupboard in an orderly manner.

  • Did two loads of washing.

  • Hung washing out to dry.

  • Decided that the line was hanging a bit low with the sheets barely clear of the ground.

  • Make clothes line prop out of a thin straight tree branch.

Still masses more to do, but if I do a bit each day, the house should start to look nice again.

Oh, the celandine is not for any particular reason other than that it looked cheerful. :)

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