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News flash: Seasonal weather is seasonal

The weather is back in phase with the seasons at last!

Today is proper March weather. The wind howled and blustered all night and today it's rapidly alternating brief moments of sunshine with blue sky occasionally glimpsed through the clouds scudding overhead while the trees are bobbing and bowing in the gusts of wind.

I also have a renewed sense of purpose. There are deadlines looming and, like an old fire horse hearing the alarm bell, I seem to be rising to the challenge and feeling somewhat perkier, the sense of pointlessness is dissipating.

Projects are:
marking another batch of assignments
finish BA Education dissertation
help plan family gathering for my father's 90th birthday in June.

This means I may be commenting less on LJ. I'll be reading things, but please don't think I'm ignoring you if I don't comment on every post.

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