Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Public Service Announcement: Anyone want a Dreamwidth code?

I just thought I'd mention it, in case anyone fancies creating a backup account at Dreamwidth, because I have a few codes to spare. Just post a comment below if you want one.

To be honest, I'm still not that smitten with Dreamwidth. I'm sure there's nothing wrong with it, but basically I'm suspicious of anything that people try to make me like and the almost evangelical zeal of many Dreamwidth converts puts me off rather than entices me. However, after being shut out of LJ for most of yesterday due to a DDoS, which was possibly due to some Russians trying to take down the blog of some other Russians (or alternatively The Revenge of the Spammers, depending on which story you believe), I thought I would prepare a bolt hole in case LJ gets even more wobbly. I therefore now have a Dreamwidth account in the name of heleninwales. By the way, my llygoden blogs will shortly be turned over to Welsh language blogging on both LJ and DW, so if you don't want to find Welsh posts appearing on your reading page, it might be a good idea to remove llygoden and add heleninwales instead! :)

At the moment, the DW heleninwales account will be used purely as a place to post should LJ become unavailable again. Anything posted there will be manually crossposted to LJ as soon as possible, so you won't miss anything if you follow on LJ.

Assuming LJ sort out the problem of the DDoS attacks, then the Dreamwidth account will remain unused. However, if I feel I've had too many problems due to lack of access, then I'll start to move over to Dreamwidth as my primary account and crosspost to here.

Unfortunately, yesterday proved that I really can't stand Facebook, so though it does have certain uses, it's never going to be a viable alternative for me as my main blogging outlet and online socialising forum. However, I am using Twitter a bit more these days (mhhall is me on Twitter).
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