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Backing up your journal

I have no intention of ever backing up my LiveJournal onto Dreamwidth. It just doesn't feel right somehow to import posts and conversations that not only didn't happen on DW but occurred long before it was even thought of.

I was, however, anxious not to lose my content and I also wanted a way to access old posts on the occasions when LJ was experiencing difficulties. I had been downloading my posts month by month as a backup onto my own computer via LJ's export facility, but that doesn't capture comments and I had to open the files in a spreadsheet. However, over on gillo's LJ, someone recommended this really nifty program that provides a complete archive of your posts and the comments on your own computer. I've just tried it and it's really easy to install and even though my LJ dates back to 2003, it only took a minute or two to archive the lot! :)

Here is the link. I think it's Windows only but it worked brilliantly for me and is just what I wanted.
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