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In which I go on a carrot chase

Today, for the first time, I took a book out into the garden and sat for a while reading, drinking tea and eating a couple of home-made Welshcakes.

But this post is actually about last Friday.

Our friend N (who has the two collies that appear in my photos of field trips) and her friend F live with N's father up in the middle of nowhere on the edge of the forest. It was E's birthday last Friday and N had arranged a surprise "Carrot Chase" to celebrate.

A carrot chase is, as far as I know, N's invention. Basically she leaves little caches of carrots at intervals along one of the forest tracks and the human guests, plus the two donkeys and the dogs (plus any visiting dogs) all walk through the forest looking for the carrots. Once found, the donkeys eat the carrots and everyone continues to the next cache.

At the half way point, we had a picnic with a selection of tasty foods. I hadn't met any of the other guests previously (about 12 in number), but everyone was friendly and people were happy to chat so I didn't feel left out. I got to do some donkey leading and dog cuddling, so it was a wonderfully restorative afternoon.


Here one of the donkeys poses before we set off for the walk.

Both donkeys came from a Donkey Rescue and they have come on so well in the year since our friends have had them. Whey they first arrived they were very nervy and skittish and not in terribly good condition.

Here is the other donkey...

The other donkey

Out on the walk, this is where we stopped for our picnic.

Donkey with human friend

Donkey with human friend. The donkey had just been trying to nibble the artificial flower she was wearing! :)

In other news, I managed to poke at the dissertation today and revised the introduction and added more to the methodology. Tomorrow I need to type up the data collected so far.

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