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Smokescreen by Dick Francis

SmokescreenSmokescreen by Dick Francis

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Not my favourite Dick Francis novel, but a good read all the same.

The book seemed to go on for a long time before the story really got started. First person narrator, actor Edward Link, has just finished acting in a film called "Man in a Car" and, as he is between projects, he agrees to travel out to South Africa to find out who is nobbling his friend's horses to prevent them from living up to their potential. Despite an "accident" that to the reader is pretty obviously an attempt on his life, he seems to drift along, not really putting any effort into investigating the stables and unaware that someone is trying to kill him.

However, one of the highlights was a very good description of a commercial working gold mine and the book did find its feet later on and the ending was good.

It is slightly disconcerting to realise that stories set in the early 70s, a period I can remember clearly, are now starting to read like period novels! I must be getting old. :)

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