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Baby geraniums

Baby geraniumsI bought some more of these geraniums because the Co-op had the same 3 for 2 offer on again this year. The ones I had last year (pictured here just before planting out) were brilliant and flowered for ages.

I also have some different geraniums from my friend J which I swapped for a pile of books I no longer wanted. Well, I called to see her with the books and to have lunch and she insisted on giving me two geranium cuttings and some Busy Lizzies. As her plants are smaller, I'll keep them in the conservatory for a while until they've grown a bit and the weather is warmer.

In other news, apologies for not responding to comments or commenting on as many posts as usual. I have two weeks to finish this dissertation and my brain seems to have turned to mush. I can do it, but I'm having to be very strict with myself about recreational computer time.

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