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I can haz data!!!

I was torn. Should I obsessively check the Google docs page every 2 minutes to see if anyone had responded to my questionnaire? Or should I leave it for a day or so to give people time to respond? Not everyone is glued to their computer like I am. :)

Anyway, I held out until now, which is about 24 hours after informing people that the questionnaire was available.

I have 5 replies! *does a little happy dance*

That is such a relief because it means that I just about have enough data to work with even if no one else responds and I intend to do two more interviews. Phew!

In other news, it's really hot again here today, much hotter outside than in, in fact, which is a consequence of having the cavity wall insulation done last year. It does lead to the strange (to me anyway) idea of having to remove clothes to go outside rather than don extra layers.

Also, it's been so sunny that the little solar charger has made enough electricity to recharge my iPod. :)

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