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We're goin' to the zoo, zoo, zoo!

I have to be up early tomorrow because I am driving up to Chester to meet the offspring, their spouses and the grandoffspring because we're going to spend a day at the zoo.

Erin (now 4½) loves zoos and our daughter usually gets a season ticket to Bristol Zoo. Will (6 months) is still too young, but I'm sure he'll enjoy the day out.

Heaven knows what the weather will be like. After glorious weather, I narrowly missed a drenching when I went shopping this afternoon. I'd just paid for my purchases in the Co-op when the woman on the till said something about the rain. When I looked out of the window, it was absolutely torrenting down. Now it can't keep up rain that heavy for all that long, so I waited for a bit and as suddenly as it had started, it stopped and I scampered home as fast as I could before there was more rain. That turned out to be a wise move because it rained heavily and thundered for an hour or so. We could almost see the garden and the trees behind the house growing greener as we watched. I'm sure the grass will have grown a foot by Monday!

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