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I believe there's a wedding today

The only royal wedding I have seen anything of live was Princess Anne's and that was only because the procession virtually went past the office where I worked in London and I could nip out at lunchtime to see it. I could just glimpse, over the heads of the crowd, the tops of the carriages and the Life Guards' helmet plumes passing by.

We didn't have a TV when Charles and Di married, but despite doing my best to avoid it, I seem to recall that the local supermarket had rigged up a TV, so I did see a snippet while doing some grocery shopping.

My feelings about royalty are somewhat ambivalent and I was a little disappointed to see that a local hotel had let the side down by arranging a Royal Wedding Street Party. :) Though apparently there are only two in the whole county. However, after ignoring it for weeks, I did finally deign to find the BBC's live feed and I will occasionally have a peep into another browser window at intervals throughout the day to see how things are progressing.

If I didn't have the deadline for the dissertation looming, I would actually take myself off to the beach for at least part of the day because it's lovely again here. However, today I must work...

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