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Lovely weather for the time of year

It's another gorgeous day and another day I'll have to spend stuck on the computer typing up the results of my research. :(

Anyway, just thought I'd pop in to say that I aten't dead and that I am still reading but don't have the spare braincells to post anything much insightful.

Re the post's subject line, I checked the BBC weather site just now and it said that tomorrow will be cloudy and there will be heavy rain the day after. The thing is, it's been saying that for about a week; this forecast rain never arrives, it just shuffles forward another day.

Not that I have a garden that I need to worry about. I have planted out the geraniums and the busy lizzies, but that's just a few pots that are no trouble to water. The number of forest and mountain fires is becoming a worry though. Perhaps now everyone's back at work a few heavy downpours would be a good idea?

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