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Just read: Anything Goes by John Barrowman

Anything Goes: My AutobiographyAnything Goes: My Autobiography by John Barrowman

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I really enjoyed this and it was exactly the right kind of upbeat book I needed at the moment as I'm struggling with a huge deadline and don't have the brain capacity for anything heavy.

John Barrowman's life story was anything but heavy. It is told in a discursive, anecdotal style in which digressions have further digressions -- though he does always come back to the point eventually. :)

I have seen John Barrowman perform live in the panto Jack in the Beanstalk in Cardiff a few years ago and he (and the rest of the cast) appeared to be having a huge amount of fun whilst still remaining thoroughly professional and doing what they were paid to do, namely entertain the audience. This book captures that spirit perfectly. He is clearly a man who enjoys what he does and that comes over in the book. The few serious moments are about his family and his partner of many years Scott.

I don't normally read celebrity autobiographies, in fact I don't think I've ever read one before, but this was a good read and I was sorry when I reached the end.

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