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Yesterday I voted

As well as voting in the referendum on AV, we also have to vote for our Welsh Assembly members. This meant that we had three ballot papers to deal with. In order to speed the counting, each paper had to go in a separate ballot box. One paper was bright yellow, which was fine, but then we had to distinguish between a very pale grey and a slightly dingy white in order to get the ballot papers into the right boxes.

Seeing me hesitate, one of the returning offices called from behind me to put the papers into the appropriately labelled box. Well yes, I'd worked that out, but I had to hold the papers up nearer the window to tell the "white" from the grey!

Regarding the AV versus FPTP system, I settled on voting "Yes". In the past, I have always been swayed by the, "It'll let the extremists in," argument and hence had remained ambivalent until recently, but I am no longer convinced that is a danger.

The leaflet we got through the door the other week explained the proposed system clearly, but I really wish I had seen this before I voted.

The difference between the FPTP and the AV system, explained using cats. :)

PS To those who are saying we've only ever had two referendums (or referenda, if you prefer that plural), we have had more in Wales and in fact had one just recently, the results of which have given the Welsh Assembly Government more power to make their own laws without constantly having to run to Westminster to get it okayed.

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