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Five random things make a post

1) It's a lovely feeling when one is on time with one's actual work. All assignment marking has to be completed by midnight tomorrow, but as long as I keep going at this rate, I will achieve that.

2) Night scented stock seeds that are a year beyond their Use By date will still germinate. No signs of life yet in the pots containing the even older allysum and nasturtium seeds. It doesn't actually matter if they come up or not; I already have some pots of geraniums and busy lizzies out by the front door, so if the old seeds grow, they will be a nice addition, but not a loss if they don't and I'll know that I can throw the rest of the packet out.

The reason I have seeds well past their Use By dates is because I always have fits of enthusiasm when I'm in the shop looking at the racks of seeds, but the enthusiasm usually drains away before I can get the things planted. :(

3) I have the urge to start playing guitar and ukulele again and I have therefore cut my fingernails short on my left hand. Having had a tentative strum, I realise that I have forgotten all the ukulele chords. *sigh* Never mind, it's always easier to relearn something than learn it for the first time.

4) It looks like I will have some results to draw from the research I've been doing for my dissertation. More on this in due course when the [expletive deleted] think is finished.

5) I am currently reading stephanieburgis's novel A Most Improper Magick and it's wonderful! Great fun so far.

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