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Well, duh...

I tried to get into my work email yesterday. I was in the centre in Ruthin and using the web interface that I've always used, but this time I couldn't get past the login prompt. In the end I had to use my Yahoo account to email some files to myself at home and couldn't send them to the 2 colleagues who also needed then because their email addresses are in the address book of the account I can't access. Naturally.

Today I still couldn't access the account and was just about to email the technicians via my personal email account, when one of the technicians walked in through the door. On asking what had happened to the email, he explained that due to some reconfiguring, we now have to enter our full email address as the username, not just the bit before the @.

So now I can get into my email, and what do I find? You guessed it. An email from the head technician informing me that we now need to enter our full email address to access the account via the web interface. Well, as I said above, duh...

In other news, the virus that the technician thought he'd removed from the system yesterday resurfaced today. Bugger. Not that it's my problem to deal with, but we're rapidly heading towards the end of term; I'm trying to get all my courses wrapped up, and the last thing I want is to have to miss a lesson because the network is down being cleansed of virus infection.

If students miss a lesson, you may as well have shone one of those Men In Black memory-wiping flashy things at them, judging by what they seem to remember.

Now to mark the last of the tasks for the Introduction to Computers course that finished this morning and wrap up all the paperwork before I go home.

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