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Feng Shui Assassin by Adrian Hall

Feng Shui AssassinFeng Shui Assassin by Adrian Hall

I'm reading this mostly out of curiosity as part of an investigation into what is currently available in terms of self-published novels in ebook format. I do like the premise. If positive flows of chi can enhance a person's life, then negative chi must be actively harmful and the book opens with a murder committed by what might call reverse feng shui. The killer (who is able to see the chi flowing through the room) simply has to shift a picture onto a slant, move a waste bin and disarrange a desk, thus allowing access to all the negative forces that will drive a man to jump to his death. Angela, the investigating detective, has been sidelined into boring and trivial jobs, but perhaps this will be a big case if she can show that Donald Grace was murdered rather than just committed suicide because of financial problems.

I'll come back to this when I've finished and try and do a full review.

Disclaimer: Despite sharing a surname, the author is no relation!!! :)

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