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Writing progress? Possibly...

After a really good start to the month -- so good in fact that I even modified my spreadsheet to allow for going over the target -- I've written nothing since the 20th. So no chance of going over target after all. Hubris strikes again...

But today I managed to do a bit of consolidating. I think that was one thing that was holding me back; I was starting to lose track of where I was and therefore what had to happen next. So, I printed out Chapters 7 and 8, making a few tiny corrections to the MS as I did so.

One thing I did discover was that my note in Chapter 8, which said: Did I lose Patticlus in Chapter 7? was correct. The grocer (Patticlus) had visited the solicitor with Wil, but by the time they were driving to Cleaver's farm, he'd mysteriously vanished. After thinking about whether he should be there or whether I should explain why he wasn't, I've scribbled another note saying: Account for Patticlus's absence!! on the printout. I think it's perfectly feasible that he should decide that, as Wil and Scrimmidge could tackle Cleaver without his help, he really ought to go back and open up the shop.

Also had a minor panic that I'd lost the page or so of hand-written draft I did on the train to London the other week. However, a more careful search revealed the missing words bundled in with some pages I'd already typed. Whew!

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