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Eowyn Challenge -- Isengard to Minas Tirith with Merry and the Rohirrim

Miles travelled today: 4½
Miles travelled so far: 39½ (1703½ from Bag End)
Miles still to go: 538½

Percentage complete: 7%

Point reached on journey: We were overtaken by the Grey Company: Halbarad Dúnadan and 30 rangers of the North, plus Elrond’s sons.

Where I really went...

I pumped up the bike tyres and went for the first cycle ride of the year and I wasn't overtaken by anyone -- unless you count the car on the short stretch of road from the house to the cycle trail. :)

In fact I only saw three people on the trail: another cyclist heading in the opposite direction and two men walking dogs (separately, not together).

I was quite pleased that I managed to cycle non-stop there and back, a total time of 33 minutes and my legs weren't like jelly when I reached home. Comparing my time to green_knight's, I'm significantly slower. Assuming my measure of the distance is correct, then I'm only doing a smidgen over 8 mph. Perhaps the fact that it's a mountain bike not a road bike and I'm riding on a dirt track rather than tarmac makes a difference? Anyway, it's exercise, which is what matters.

green_knight has set herself the target of riding to a local tourist attraction, having an ice cream and riding back and I'm going to challenge myself to do the same. Riding to Barmouth and back would be the same mileage and I can reach it without going on roads (apart from at the very beginning and the very end), so that is going to be my next fitness challenge. I'll see if I can do it by the first week of June. That should give me enough time to extend my cycling range.

Tomorrow I may possibly take the kickbike out, but the brakes need adjusting, so if I don't have time to do it, I will go for a walk instead.
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