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And now I feel really old...

I found this interesting blog post via jemck, "Writing urban fantasy without vampires, detectives and tramp-stamped chicks".

I'm afraid I have to say, "Me too!" when it comes to Romance. (Just the genre, that is, I am a sucker for a romance with a small "r" and I do like a romantic subplot in a novel, film or TV series.) I don't think the answer is to automatically use a male protagonist, but if that's what she felt she had to do to avoid being stereotyped, then so be it.

But it was this bit that made me blink in befuddlement:

"...a historical Fantasy with an Irish Crime edge set in 1970s Northern Ireland."

Oh, noes! I am now so old that people write historical novels set when I was a young adult!!! How did that happen?

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