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Eowyn Challenge -- Isengard to Minas Tirith with Merry and the Rohirrim - Helen's journal and online home
In which an old dog attempts to learn new tricks.
Eowyn Challenge -- Isengard to Minas Tirith with Merry and the Rohirrim

Miles travelled Sunday: 5
Miles travelled yesterday: 2
Miles travelled so far: 55½ (1719½ from Bag End)
Miles still to go: 522½

Percentage complete: 10%

Point reached on journey: We are climbing upwards through the Coomb heading for Helm's Deep.

Where I really went...

Just a local walk on Sunday and into town twice yesterday. However, I did also mow a patch of grass yesterday -- heavy going because it was nearly waist deep! Today I have thoroughly scrubbed and polished the car, applying a red colour restoring polish because parts of the car had turned a faded pink.

So overall, much more physical exercise since I finished the dissertation, which is good. I do still have a backlog of critting, so I still have to spend more time on the computer than I would like, but I am catching up slowly.

No serious photos today, I didn't take a camera with me on the walk on Sunday, but I took a couple of snaps with my phone.


Self-portrait taken with phone

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readthisandweep From: readthisandweep Date: June 8th, 2011 10:13 am (UTC) (Link)
Your walking posts often act as a nudge.

I need to be walking more. It's so good for us.
And why wouldn't we take advantage of this glorious land we live in?
The backdrop behind you could be the hills I see from my window.

I've had a pot of that magic polish for two years... still haven't got around to using it.

Nice pictures ~ I love foxgloves!
khiemtran From: khiemtran Date: June 8th, 2011 09:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
That's a very nice self portrait with a camera phone!
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