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Eowyn Challenge -- Isengard to Minas Tirith with Merry and the Rohirrim

Miles travelled Sunday: 5
Miles travelled yesterday: 2
Miles travelled so far: 55½ (1719½ from Bag End)
Miles still to go: 522½

Percentage complete: 10%

Point reached on journey: We are climbing upwards through the Coomb heading for Helm's Deep.

Where I really went...

Just a local walk on Sunday and into town twice yesterday. However, I did also mow a patch of grass yesterday -- heavy going because it was nearly waist deep! Today I have thoroughly scrubbed and polished the car, applying a red colour restoring polish because parts of the car had turned a faded pink.

So overall, much more physical exercise since I finished the dissertation, which is good. I do still have a backlog of critting, so I still have to spend more time on the computer than I would like, but I am catching up slowly.

No serious photos today, I didn't take a camera with me on the walk on Sunday, but I took a couple of snaps with my phone.


Self-portrait taken with phone

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