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Still here, trying to stay afloat

I'm still here and just about not quite sinking under the work load of all the jobs. (Currently 1 too many.)

On the IWriSloMo list, one of our members is getting near the end of her WIP. Actually I don't think Completion Anxiety is my problem, or not my main problem, at any rate. Most of my stories get stuck at the transition from Beginning to Middle. Touch wood, the current WIP seems to have made it past the danger point.

I wasn't sure whether I'd manage to write today. I'm in the middle of critiquing 54 five-hundred-word stories for the creative writing course I tutor (i.e. 3 short stories per student). I want to get most of them done this weekend because I have stuff to do next weekend for the other course (the one I won't be doing next year, but need to finish off the current presentation). However, I just managed 306 words, which is a short scene featuring the fell denizens of the mountain and their first moves in adding to the Longletonian's fund raising efforts.

Words today: 306
Words in Chapter 9: 1396
Total words: 41,752

Too much to do, too little time. Why does grass have to grow so fast?)

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