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Useful stuff done today...

After returning from Caerleon on Thursday evening, the following day (ie yesterday) G was off again to a conference in Leeds where he is giving a paper on teaching maths. Thankfully I had put my foot down and refused to accompany him. Not that there's anything wrong with Leeds, but I am finally starting to catch up from being so behind with work and everything else and a couple of days away would have set me back again. So I just left him at the nearest railway station and I pick him up again tomorrow.

Anyway, today was a productive day. I have mowed the rest of the front "lawn", critted some more scenes written by my students and watched the rest of the series "Misfits".

I actually recorded "Misfits" last summer and have only just got around to watching it, but I thought it was brilliant. Very very black, contains very very strong language, lots of sex, but also very very funny. It's about a bunch of young people doing community service for a variety of minor crimes who are given strange powers by a weird storm. They are not the only ones affected and when their probation officer turns into a raving homicidal maniac, they are forced to kill him. It just gets darker and more complicated from then on -- and yet is strangely hilarious. I am sure I am not the right demographic for this show, but I loved the characters, even Nathan, who you want to strangle from the first episode.

I don't recall any of my flist mentioning it, but if you like your humour dark, aren't upset by references to sex or the f-word or the c-word, you could do worse than give it a try. I'm off to start watching season two, which thankfully I also recorded, even though at the point when it started, I hadn't watched any of Season 1.

Of course I'm way behind because I have to wait for it to turn up on Channel 4. It seems that there will be a series three... :)

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