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New Google+

Anyone have any thoughts on the new Google+? Anyone part of the beta testing?

I have never liked Facebook, but Google+ seems to provide all the best bits of Facebook with the great advantage of not being Facebook. I mean, I had to set up two Facebook accounts because the stuff I might want to post regarding family stuff would be of no interest to my online friends, and vice versa, not to mention the complication of using one name for writing/hanging out online and another with family. Of course the name problem would still apply, but the circles look useful so you can keep posts relevant to the readers. Just like LJ really! :)

The other problem I have with Facebook is that I find it.... well, not to put too fine a point on it... tacky looking.

I know that sites that don't offer paid accounts have to make their money out of advertising, but if you want to have a professional page where you can engage with your fans/clients/supporters/customers, who wants those awful "One strange tip to get rid of belly fat" or "Clever Mom Reveals £4 Trick to a Wrinkle Free Face" adverts down the side of your page?[*]

Of course I have no idea whether Google+ will be any better, nor whether people will shift to it from Facebook, but I am curious.

Having said that, I have no intention of abandoning LJ

[*] I suppose it's possible that they're just trying to tell me something about my appearance and that other people get different adverts!

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