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Visit to Bodnant Gardens

This year G has had so many meetings that required an overnight stay that we have been travelling the length of Wales and back so frequently over the past few weeks that I'm actually looking forward to staying at home for a bit.

Anyway, last week he had two day-long meetings at the big college near Llandudno, so we booked a night in the Premier Inn at Llandudno Junction and made a mini-break of it. Poor G still had two days of meetings, but at least he didn't have to drive there and back two days running or stay overnight on his own.

I, meanwhile, had a mini-holiday! :)

Lily pond and Pin Mill

The lily pond and Pin Mill, Bodnant Gardens.

When I was a child, we almost always spent our summer holiday somewhere along the North Wales coast, and when we did we would spend one day of the holiday at Bodnant Gardens. They now belong to the National Trust, but they were originally established in 1875 and there are some wonderful trees in The Dell that were planted at that time, including some Californian Redwoods.

Bodnant Hall

This is the other lily pond with the hall in the background. The hall is not open to the public.

The gardens were busy, yet also quiet and peaceful because all the visitors were older people (like me!), mostly couples, but some on their own. There were lots of benches and I sat for a while and read an Agatha Christie novel. There is a café, but I just bought a cup of tea, sandwich and piece of cake in the tearooms before returning to the gardens for another wander round.

This tree caught my eye because it looked so unusual. The leaves seemed to glitter and looked as though they were made of silver. My first thought was mallorn, but the label said it was some kind of eucalyptus. If I'd realised how many species there were, I'd have made a note!

Eucalyptus tree

In other news, I'm wondering whether I have the dizzy virus that readthisandweep mentioned a few weeks ago. I felt very dizzy yesterday. Today I feel quite a bit better, though still not 100%, but also have a slightly croaky voice and have been sneezing and coughing every so often.

Anyway, at least I am almost caught up with work. The wooziness didn't stop me doing that, as long as I didn't turn my head sharply, but I had hoped to be more active this weekend and start making progress with tidying and cleaning the house.

In other other news, I now have a Google+ account and have added the LJ friends that I could find on there. I have no idea yet whether I will take to it, but I've never liked Facebook, so if this is a viable alternative, it will suit me.

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