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An Unsafe Pair of Hands by Chris Dolley

An Unsafe Pair of HandsAn Unsafe Pair of Hands by Chris Dolley

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book actually deserves a 3.5 stars and I considered giving it a 4, but it really comes into the Good Read category, the sort of thing that is an excellent book to take on holiday or read for relaxation.

DCI Shand has just been given his first murder case. Though he has lots of experience of murder, it's all theoretical, lecturing about past cases after he's had plenty of time to pore over the evidence. Now he has to solve a murder in real time.

The rural setting inevitably invites comparisons with Midsomer Murders, but this stands up very well. The plot twists and turns, evidence is gathered, theories are thought up and then discarded and the denouement is suitably surprising.

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