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Writing alfresco

Finding a time and place to write.

The view from the top site

It was another day of field work accompanying G and his M.Sc. students S and F. But in between doing four circuits between the bottom site and the top site carrying tools, I managed to write almost 5 handwritten pages, planned the next sequel and scene and also read quite a bit of a novel.

It's not the first time I've successfully worked outdoors, and it certainly was a beautiful location. I came back very relaxed and not at all mentally tired, though my legs felt a bit trembly, as well they might because the going underfoot is treacherous up that slope as what looks like a nice grassy path is actually grass growing over and through the remains of the last lot of felling. I think the term is "brash", but it's all the small branches that weren't worth hauling out, which by now are throughly tangled and in places becoming rotten.

Walking down to the middle site.

There's the most wonderful collection of mosses up the hillside, thick and cushiony and sopping wet. There are also millions of midges, but I remembered the Mosiguard this time and so came back unbitten.

Just below the bottom site.


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