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What I did on my mini-holiday #2

Rather belatedly, here are the photos from Day 2 of my mini-break to Llandudno, which was over a week ago now.

After dropping G off at the college where he had meetings all day, I first went back to the motel and worked for a bit. Then I packed everything into the car, checked out and headed to Llandudno for some shopping and wandering about looking at things. Purchases were totally boring, including new shirts for G and new undies for me.

Shopping accomplished, I went for walk to the pier, then up through Happy Valley to the Orme.

Llandudno pier

I'm sure I've been to Happy Valley before, but I didn't recognise any of it. However, continuing upwards in pursuit of the T-shaped cable car supports, I came across the ski centre where there is a dry ski slope and a sort of luge run, presumably on rollers or wheels. (I couldn't see exactly how it worked, because it was in concrete channel.)

Cable cars, Great Orme

I remember this cable car opening when I was working in Colwyn Bay during the summer holiday in between the lower and upper sixth. It must have been about 1969. I'm please to see that it's still running.

I didn't go right to the top because a) I didn't have time and b) I was only wearing sandals, but the cable cars are sailing on towards the summit.

I don't remember ever seeing the Kashmir goats when I used to come here as a child and made our annual pilgrimage up the Great Orme. However, they have, apparently, been here for over 100 years.

Perhaps they were shyer in those days? Perhaps the herd has expanded and it's easier to see them?

Anyway, this is not a good shot at all because I didn't have the camera with the zoom lens and had to crop right down to make them look more than tiny white dots!

Kashmir goats, Great Orme

There are actually three ways to get to the top of the Great Orme. You can walk, you can take the cable car, but much older than the cable car is the tramway.

Great Orme tramway, Llandudno

Here a tram has just passed me and is climbing up the steep road out of the town to start the long climb up to the top of the Orme.

The cable car only goes part way, then passengers have to change to a rack and pinion tram for the final stretch.

Great Orme tramway, Llandudno

Shortly after the tram passed me on its way uphill, another came down, heading towards the terminus which is not far from this point.

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