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I need never get lost again!

Because we're off on another trip to London soon, I have finally made time to explore all the things my semi-smart phone will do. I have the cheapest phone contract possible, so Internet is not included, but while I'm away, paying 1 UK pound a day for net access via the phone is cheaper than paying for wifi -- though of course if there's free wifi available, both the phone and the iPod Touch can use it. I always take the Eee and the dongle, but that's for doing a bit of serious work in the evening; it's no good for quickly checking what's happening online while I'm out and about.

And I have belatedly discovered that my phone can display Google maps and show me where I am!

I'm sure this is something you all take for granted and in fact most of the time I do know where I am, but in a strange city, this could be very useful.

In other news, after torrential rain all morning, the sun is trying to come out again.

Yes, in Wales, the sun trying to come out is news. :)

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