Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Mini-break in London

We are currently on a short mini-break in London. It was something of a spur of the moment, last minute thing and unfortunately there will be no time for socialising because not only is G with me, who doesn't really do socialising, but we only have one day in London itself and Wednesday will be spent on an Expotition to the South Pole Coast.

Today we: travelled down by train, had a snack in Euston station before making our way to Rosebery Hall (one of the LSE's halls of residence), walked down to the South Bank, called into Waterloo station to pick up the tickets for Wednesday's Expotition from the self-service ticket machine, had Italian food in the restaurant we always go to near the Festival Hall, walked back to the hall of residence.

Highlights so far: Walking across the Thames there was a glorious rainbow stretching from St Paul's across the Thames to the new skyscraper that they're building, known as The Shard. I am somewhat cross with myself that in my haste to gra the shot, I didn't check the camera's settings properly and the ISO was too high, hence the graininess. I must have been taking indoor shots last time I used the camera.

For some reason, Flickr isn't giving me the embed code, though I'm sure I've done it before in the Eee. Anyway, here is the link to the photo.
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