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Speculation about the hackers' motives

Via links posted on Google+

It seems that no one really knows who is behind the LiveJournal attacks, but it's thought that whoever it is, they're trying to totally shut down the service.

Well, I'm not going anywhere until LJ folds and every time I get driven away, I intend to come back for as long as there is something to come back to.

Meanwhile, after the experience of the past three or four days, I'm not sure that Dreamwidth makes all that good a bolt hole for when LJ is down. I find it difficult to believe that it was just coincidence that it was performing in a most snail-like manner while LJ was under attack and that now LJ is up and running again DW is back to normal speed. Even if DW wasn't directly attacked, with so many refugees from LJ attempting to backup their journals and crosspost to a non-responsive site, it's no wonder it was running slow.

Anyway, while DW makes the obvious second choice for blogging platform, I have also sussed out how to use my Blogger account and if/when the next attack on LJ occurs, I can also be found on Twitter (mhhall) and on G+ (Helen Hall)

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