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Mustn't grumble

After several very productive days, today I just sort of crashed. I don't know whether it's the weather, which is as grey, cold and gloomy as October, or whether it's cumulative tiredness from all the productive work, but I have felt sluggish and sleepy all day and I haven't done half of what I hoped. Right now I could crawl into bed and go to sleep, but it's not even 5.30 pm yet and anyway I need to iron a few clothes and sort out a suitcase etc for the trip.

Anyway, tomorrow we are off to the Forest of Dean for a couple of days mini-holiday and then I will see if I can get my energy and enthusiasm back.

I will try and keep up to date with what's happening online, but I will only have the phone and the Eee and I want to have a break not spend all my time on the computer so if I don't comment, I'm not ignoring you. :)

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