Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

The weather is bright and sunny and I felt a lot perkier today. Coincidence? Possibly. Possibly it was the early night, but it might have been a touch of SAD. It doesn't feel right using a lightbox in the summer, but if it stops the gloomy feeling, then lightbox it is.

Anyway, we're having a nice mini-break in the Forest of Dean which is an area I've never visited before. So far we have successfully found the hotel (didn't get lost in the little lanes!) and also visited the Clearwell Caves which are about half a mile away. Weather is lovely, which makes a nice change. We are looking forward to dinner in the hotel restaurant. This part of the mini-break is courtesy of our daughter who bought me a Groupon for my birthday. As we were too busy at the end of May to go away then, we are spending it now.

Phone picture of our room. The hotel is stone built, having been converted from an old farmhouse and outbuildings in the centre of the village of Clearwell.

From from phone

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