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Stress, stress, stress!

OK, I do actually feel a bit calmer now, but this has been another of those weeks with absolutely no wiggle room and I hate that. Also, due to lack of co-ordination, or foresight, or something, I ended up being timetabled to teach a bunch of Italians how to create web pages in the morning until midday, and then having to travel (over lunch break) to a college I have never been to before to take the Advanced ECDL word processing test.

Due to general procrastination, I hadn't actually done any learning or revision for the Advanced test. I did do quite a bit last year, when we first thought we were going to take it, but then it sort of all fell through as no other college within easy reach was authorised as a test centre and then there was little demand from students, so the whole thing was shelved. Only to suddenly pop up again this year. Ulp!

My preparation consisted of downloading the practice test from the ECDL website and working through it on Wednesday. It took me three-quarters of an hour (you're allowed an hour for the test) and several consultations of the Help facility. But I did manage to do everything and only a couple of things were totally new; otherwise it was a case of, "Oh, heavens, I did that three years ago, now what exactly do you do?" and a another quick shuftie at the Help.

In the end, all went well today. The Italians turned out to be charming and extremely well behaved and their English seemed good, though as their IT skills were not as advanced as some of the other groups I've taught, we didn't actually manage to get as far as uploading their pages to the Web, but they did all finish them and had the links working. Then I found my colleagues and arranged to travel in convey, with T giving a life to E, who knew the way and V and I following behind in our own cars as we all wanted to go home in different directions afterwards.

We all arrived in time and no one got lost, despite someone managing to cut in front of me at the roundabout in Mold. Northop college is situated in beautiful grounds -- as it should be, because it is a horticultural college. The test turned out to be almost identical to the mock, in terms of what was required, so I finished in half an hour, with only two consultations of Help this time. I slipped out quietly and handed my disc and test paper to the invigilator, then had a cup of tea from my flask and a bite to eat before the long drive home.

No chance to relax over the weekend. Tomorrow is another OU tutorial in Bangor, so watch this space for another tale of woe about being locked out and only a couple of people turning up. Probably. The rest of Saturday and Sunday I must spend marking the last few short stories for students on the creative writing course I tutor. Then back into work on Monday (I don't normally work Mondays, but I'm swapping my days off around in order to take a long weekend to go to Copenhagen).

The bright spot about Monday is that all being well I should be able to meet up with green_knight for a couple of hours in the early evening to talk about writing. I have missed our writing chats, but we haven't been able to co-ordinate our time off recently.

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