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A day out in the forest and at the beach

Just a very quick post because my brother came for a short visit I've been out all day showing him the delights of the Coed y Brenin forest and the beach at Harlech.

After a leisurely start, we drove to the car park at Tyddyn Gwladys near the Gwynfynnydd Gold Mine. We had a good walk in the forest, mostly following the river trail, but taking a slight detour first to look at the abandoned gold mine and then up a trail leading to the higher level which gave a good view over the valley. Realising that the path we were following was heading in the wrong direction, we briefly backtracked and then followed the rest of the river trail back to the single track road and hence to the car park.

Yet another umbelliferous flower

We then headed to the mountain bike centre and had soup and bread and cake for lunch in the café before getting back into the car and driving around via Maentwrog to the beach at Harlech. I haven't been there for a year or so and my brother had never been before. For once the weather was perfect, with blue sky and a few fluffy white clouds.

Harlech beach

Well walked, we headed back to my house, picking up easy to cook food en route.

All in all, a very pleasant day and I walked enough to enable me to each cake for lunch and steak pie for dinner without feeling guilty about it. :)

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