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A trip to Tretower Court and Castle

After the day out last Wednesday with my brother, I had another day out with family the following day too. My daughter and I arranged to meet in South Wales so we could spend the day together. (We live too far apart for a day visit to one another's homes and staying over starts to make a big thing of it, so we have evolved this meeting midway compromise.)

I hadn't been to Tretower since we lived in Crickhowell, so that's over 30 years ago. Anyway, all we really wanted was somewhere pleasant to wander around while we chatted and a place for a picnic. Tretower worked out well.

From Illustrations for blog posts

The weather wasn't as good as it could have been and after a quick look around the castle tower ...

Tretower castle

...and the mansion

Princess Erin prepares to hold court!

...we ate our lunch under a tree with occasional spots of rain falling.

Further exploration of the grounds followed...

Ali & Erin

Erin demonstrated how she can leap off things.

Erin jumping

Once we'd exhausted the possibilities of Tretower, we drove to Talgarth to have a look at the water mill, as featured in the Village SOS series. There is a free car park just off the big roundabout on the bypass and en route to the town, we found a playground, so Erin played on the swings, roundabout, slide etc before we persuaded her onwards into Talgarth itself.

The mill is easy to find, right in the centre. It's still obviously a work in progress, but the watermill was working beautifully. We only had a peep into the room where you can see the workings and thankfully we didn't see anyone to pay because Erin decided she was bored after about 30 seconds, so we definitely wouldn't have got our money's worth. The whole place was very busy and as it was about 3.30 pm by then, the café had run out of their home-baked bread. I had hoped to buy some flour to take home, but the shop isn't finished yet. Anyway, we go that way occasionally, so next time we're passing we'll pop in again and see how things are progressing.

I had a good run home and was back at the same time as my daughter. She had nowhere near as far to go, but the traffic was horrible, apparently.

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