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First day of Lleyn mini-break

Recently I have been suffering from that perennial blogger's problem, namely that when I have time to blog, I have nothing interesting to write about and when I've been doing interesting things, I'm too busy to sit down and post. Anyway, this is a quick catchup post about our recent mini-break to the Lleyn Peninsula.

As I've probably mentioned before, we didn't plan a "proper" holiday this summer and instead we've been staying away for 1-3 nights and visiting several locations, all within England and Wales, some familiar, some new. So far there have been trips to London (which included the day trip to Swanage), Caerphilly, Cardiff and Port Talbot, and The Forest of Dean. There have also been a couple of trips to North Wales. I actually thought the one earlier this week would be the final mini-break, but it looks like there may be another one next week because G has back-to-back meetings two days running up near Llandudno again.

But to return to this week...

The Lleyn Peninsula (the thin, sticky out bit at the very north-westernmost point of Wales) is only 1-2 hours drive from where we live. The time taken depends on exactly how far along the peninsula you go and the amount of traffic on the roads, which can become congested at peak holiday times. In the past, we've always done day trips up there, but this time G decided that if we stayed overnight, we could have two good days of field work, without being faced with a long drive home after a day out walking.

Of course when we set off, it was raining quite hard. However, we were not too disheartened because we were trusting to the magical properties of the Lleyn, which has its own climate, seemingly independent of the rest of North Wales. The first stop was the Lôn Goed. It looked very like this, though you have to imagine the view all misty and rain-smeared, which is why I didn't take any photos there. They really wouldn't have looked like anything much.

It seems that the track was built to bring goods inland from the coast to the farms, however, when G went on a Welsh course, he was told it was an old pilgrim route to Bardsey (Ynys Enlli). Of course both could be true. It's perfectly possible that an old pilgrim route was improved in the early 19th century, just as some stretches of modern road follow the exact route originally paved by the Romans. Anyway, even if the pilgrims are mythical.[*] I would like to explore it further and it would be an excellent walk on a crisp autumn day with the trees changing colour.

From there we headed to the coast and after buying sandwiches etc for lunch in Pwllheli, we made our way to Llanbedrog, a tiny village with expensive car park but a pretty beach. We headed up a flight of steep steps cut into the hillside which brought us out on the headland of Trwyn Bedrog.I've already posted one view from the headland, but here is another.

Llan Bedrog

Looking back at Llanbedrog with its row of brightly coloured beach huts.

Lleyn Peninsula

We managed to walk a circular route and made our way back to the car via small tracks and lanes. I'm not sure where we went next because it wasn't actually to a village. We managed to squeeze the car onto a bit of grass verge and followed a footpath to the coast. The photos from then on are mostly of rock outcrops and thus not really of general interest, so I won't bore you with them. :) As the day was drawing on, we made our way to the village of Clynnog Fawr where we had book to spend the night at Y Beuno, a hotel, pub and restaurant, originally a coaching inn. And very comfortable it was too.

[*] Mythical in the sense that they may not have walked along the Lôn Goed. There certainly were plenty of pilgrims making their way to Bardsey Island through the ages.

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