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Definitely an autumnal nip in the air

The TV drama "Page Eight" was the Radio Times's pick of the day, though I was a bit underwhelmed with it to be honest. However, there isn't all that much on at the moment to watch and by the time you have discounted all the things G won't watch, we tend to be left with NCIS and re-runs of Midsomer Murders, so at least a brand new drama that isn't a murder mystery makes a change.

I wasn't completely sure whether the young neighbour was supposed to be falling in love with the old intelligence analyst. I prefer to think that she simply helped him out of gratitude for getting the government to do the thing she wanted them to do. I'm afraid that I don't find Bill Nighy (who was playing said old intelligence analyst) attractive me and I do get very tired of the young attractive woman falling for wrinkly old man trope. However, there were occasional moments of sharp dialogue and I managed not to fall asleep, even though I'd worked hard in the morning pulling up Himalayan Balsam plants.

In other news, there's definitely a chill in the air now. I need to buy a convector heater for the upstairs sitting room because it's silly to heat the whole house when we've both retired upstairs to watch TV. At the moment, a blanket around the knees suffices, but it has reached the point in the year when a blanket is necessary and soon a blanket alone won't be enough.

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