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I have been buying things on eBay.

Gosh that was exciting!

Well, slightly exciting. :)

I have just "won" my first item on ebay after totally failing to buy a similar item a couple of days ago, due to fumbling the bid at the last moment. Anyway, my second attempt at "winning" auctions on ebay was successful, though for a moment I thought I'd cocked it up again because when I clicked the Submit Bid button, it unexpectedly asked for my user name and password! Eeek! I had thought I was logged in and there were literally seconds to go. Thankfully my typing fingers didn't let me down and I got the bid in in time. All being well, a Casio FX-7400G Plus calculator will be winging its way to me via the postal system very soon now.

Yes, a calculator. Not actually a very exciting thing to be buying, but I have rashly agreed to join G's practical A-level maths class, just for the hell of it. I do have A-level maths, a grade C no less, but as that was umpty-mumble years ago, the quantity of maths actually still lodged in my brain is probably negligible. I just hope that this doesn't turn out to be a horrible mistake and I know I will be the slowest in the class, but it should help to keep my brain active.

I'm actually going to try to buy another calculator in an auction that ends this evening because they are £99.99 UK pounds new, which seems horrendously expensive for something that is somewhat outdated and that you're only going to be using for a year or two on a course. (I suspect that the Kevin who has just sold me his calculator has just finished his A-levels and probably never wants to see a Casio calculator again!) But the exam board demands that you use a particular model (you need it for the exam, so phones, computers etc can't be used) and I don't know whether the other students will have time to be hanging around on eBay, so if I can get another, I can sell it on. [Added just before posting: Yes, I did manage to get the second one too. I think I have now mastered eBay!]

Anyway, more interesting purchases made today were two pairs of winter boots in the Hotter sale. I not only got two pairs more or less for the price of one, I saved on the postage because I managed to dig an email with a special offer code out of Turnpike's wastebasket.

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