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Graduation tomorrow!

I seem to be posting in fits and starts these days. I will write some more about my efforts at incorporating more movement in my daily life as soon as I can, but today I was taking and processing the photos for the photo a week groups because tomorrow we're off to Caerleon.

This is an annual pilgrimage, as long-standing readers of this journal will be aware, but there's a big difference this time because instead of wandering around Caerleon looking at Roman remains while G represents the local college at the ceremony, I will be on stage receiving my BA Education degree!

It's taken all summer to recover from the stress of pulling the dissertation together, but I am finally able to appreciate my achievement. I already have a BA Hons from the OU, completed in the late 90s, which was a 2.1, and that's what I expected to get again, but they liked my dissertation so much that it just tipped the degree over into a First. :)

Hopes of meeting with the offspring while we were down in South Wales didn't work out because our daughter is actually coming north on Sunday. It's also fortunate that I decided to post our grandson's birthday card rather than take it to give to him because after hoping to meet us for dinner after the graduation ceremony, our son decided that it would all be a bit too much seeing as our DIL is coming down with a cold and they have grandson's birthday party on Sunday. It's difficult to believe that he'll be one on Monday. (Insert usual observations about time flying here...)

Finally, here's one of the other photos I took today. It was initially supposed to be for the "minimalist" theme, but I didn't feel it was minimalist enough. However, I think it's pretty, so I uploaded it anyway.

Have a good weekend! I'll try and post more about my new exercise philosophy on Monday.

Small blue vase

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