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Hooping progress report

I have been hula hooping for 4 weeks now and I'm feeling that I have reached a danger point. The novelty has worn off, I have got better at the easy stuff and I feel like I'm throwing myself at a brick wall with regard to the more advanced moves.

However, having recognised the danger signs of boredom, I have given myself a severe talking to about the inadvisability of reverting to former slothful habits, and I have every intention of keeping on with the mini-exercise sessions.

Last week I extended the length of the sessions to 10 minutes and I plan to keep them at that. In fact I'm now going to reintroduce "half sessions" of 5 minutes because pedalling and arm waving for 10 minutes can get a bit boring.

Anyway, having said that I've not made progress with the hooping, that's not quite true. Knee hooping still completely eludes me and I am cautious of bruising so I am still working on it in tiny sessions of a couple of minutes each. Chest hooping, however, is almost there. For very approximate values of "there". :)

I do look more like the Kermit icons that several people on my friendslist have rather than this (if you watch the first 20 seconds, you'll see what I'm trying to do), but it's coming along.

In other news, I finally managed to drive to the recycling centre in Bala where I got rid of quite a bit of stuff out of the garage. (I kept meaning to go, but it's not open on the day of the Welsh class, so it meant a special journey and hence kept putting it off.) Now I know where it is and what exactly they take, I might be able to unstick the decluttering.

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