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Back to school!

Well, back to the Welsh class anyway.

The part-time courses for adults start after all the full-time courses have got underway, so this morning was the first class of the new academic year. The class was moving to a different centre in Corwen, so as I was worried about finding a place to park, I parked by the old centre and then walked through the town to find the new venue. Corwen isn't very big and it was a gorgeous warm day, so I enjoyed the walk. En route this building caught my eye. The plaque above the open door said it was the Fire Station and if I remember correctly, the date said 1815.

Old fire station in Corwen

I don't know what it's used as now, but the new fire station is at the other side of the town. Reaching the corner, I also managed to get a good picture of the new Owain Glyndwr statue with the old hotel across the road.

Statue of Owain Glyndwr in Corwen

I always thought that the old statue of Owain Glyndwr looked like a man in a kilt wearing wellies and a bearskin hat. However, the new statue is very splendid. Actually, it's been there a while now, but this was the first time I was walking past when the light was right to photograph it.

Because I'm not doing the 365 any more, I didn't have either of the big cameras, so these shots were taken with the phone.

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