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Man saved by puppy

With all the dismal news flying around at the moment, I thought I'd link to a happier tale.

Man saved by Mumbles RNLI lifeboat thanks puppy

Not the clearest of headlines, but basically a swimmer got into trouble and was in danger of drowning. Fortunately a member of the Mumbles Lifeboat crew was out walking his young dog along the beach. The man hadn't noticed the desperate swimmer, but the puppy did and kept barking in his direction until his owner noticed. Wilson the Doberman doesn't like water, apparently, and I could imagine him going, "OMG!! There is a PERSON out in that horrible COLD WET STUFF! OMG!! THAT CAN'T BE RIGHT!!!"

Anyway, the puppy's owner ran to alert the rest of the lifeboat crew and the swimmer was rescued in time. The intriguing part (possible story seed alert!) is that this is not the first time Mike Raikes has been saved by a dog. As it says on the BBC web page:

Two years ago he said he went out for a walk on a sunny day in the Black Mountains when the weather quickly changed and he was lost in a whiteout.

"A sheep dog came out of nowhere I followed him down the mountain."

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