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Eowyn Challenge -- Isengard to Minas Tirith with Merry and the Rohirrim

Miles travelled yesterday: 6
Miles travelled so far: 68 (1732 from Bag End)
Miles still to go: 510

Percentage complete: 12%

Point reached on journey: We are on a ridge. Far above rise some of the highest peaks of the White Mountains.

Where I really went...

After something of a hiatus, I decided it was time to make some progress with my journey towards Mordor. As the indoor exercise (hooping and mini-biking) is working well, I now want to add in at least a couple of walks per week. Yesterday was another geology field trip to the hills above Barmouth.

Actually, the description from the Lord of the Rings isn't such a bad fit -- if only we could have seen the mountains! :(

It was misty. Very very misty...

Intrepid slug on wall

I never think of slugs living on mountains, but they do. Here is one intrepid slug living happily on a stone wall. As you can see, it's a very damp and misty day and the lovely view is hidden in the greyness.

I can see my car!

Looking back as we climbed up into the hills behind Barmouth, you can just see my car!

It was a good trip though and, despite the pictures, it did not turn out as wet as I'd feared after reading the forecast. We looked at various outcrops, had a picnic sitting on what is possibly the best turbidite outcrop in Britain and finished the day by walking along the Panorama Walk through misty woods. Sadly there was no view whatsoever when we reached the viewing point, but it was a useful trip and G's students went home with lots of data marked on their maps.

Misty woods, Panorama Walk

We also met a charming group of young Chinese people, possibly students from Aberystwyth. They were following the path up, but had been confused by the locked gate. We explained that you just opened the small person-sized gate that was alongside and then keep on following the yellow arrows that marked the footpath. They disappeared happily into the mist as we examined a rock outcrop. We caught up with them later by the ruined farm and as we left the path to plod across the trackless boggy bit to reach the single-track road, we could hear them shouting to one another in the mist. They seemed to be enjoying themselves, though it's a shame they couldn't see the views.

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