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Decluttering is making progress, writing is stalled

Having decided that I could use the garage as an exercise space during the winter -- a space that would actually give me enough height to be able to do some of the hooping moves that I can't practice at the moment -- the decluttering has suddenly become more urgent.

Freecycle enabled me to get rid of 3 pairs of stirrup irons and I have just placed my first item on Ebay. I can see another trip to the recycling centre in my future to get rid of the rolls of decorative wire lawn edging that no one on Freecycle wants as well as some old tins of paint and a pile of old carpet tiles. I just wish we had a recycling place in town so a trip to get rid of stuff didn't involve a half hour drive each way.

The writing, however, is going nowhere. I had meant to join in the current round of Novel in 90, but it turns out that both novels are not just stalled, they are bogged down in mud to the axles and their batteries are flat. :( I therefore think that a more gentle approach to getting one or both of them moving is required. I can see myself setting a target of 10 words per day!

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