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Happy are they that make things

After many years of not sewing, knitting or crocheting because I was working full-time, I am now experimenting with a few craft projects and I'm finding it really does help to lift my mood -- possibly because I knit while watching comedies on TV. :)

I didn't do any knitting over the summer, but I have now nearly finished the final scarf (which is to be a present for my daughter-in-law's mum (or possibly her sister, I can't remember now). I then need to finish the hat for my granddaughter (before she grows out of it!) and then I can focus on the owl sweater that I started ages ago.

My new project is more experimental. Someone -- on G+ I think it was, but it could have been here -- posted a link to this video of how to make a Katwise sweater.

I had never thought of cutting up sweaters and patching them together before. I'm not going to make anything as elaborate as this -- at least not at first. For one thing I don't have the panache to carry off her more outrageous designs. :) Secondly, a knitted coat doesn't work too well in a very wet and windy climate.

However, I'm trying a more modest project to start with, combining two charity shop sweaters into one patchwork cardigan. As I don't have a serger, I'm hand sewing or crocheting the pieces together. There may be photos in due course if it works!

In other news, the item I placed on Ebay is being watched. No actual bids yet, but there are still 4 days to go and, as I've learned from buying things, the real bidding often only starts in the last few minutes.

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