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Eeeeee! My first Ebay sale!

So, my first foray into selling things on Ebay was a success. If I hadn't been buying things recently and learned that all the activity happens in the final minute, I would have been despondent because no one placed any bids all week. There were, however, four people watching the auction, so I was hopeful.

This afternoon, someone bid the minimum of 99p, so at least I knew I had got rid of the item. (Remember, that this is all part of the Decluttering of the Garage so as long as it doesn't cost me money, I'm just happy that the items go to someone who will find them useful, rather than ending up in landfill.)

With 15 minutes to go, the top bid was still 99p and unable to stand the suspense, I left the computer and went to cook and eat dinner.

When I finally dared look the auction had ended and the final bid was £5.50. So with Ebay's commission, I have made 5 quid and the Pelham bit is off to its new home tomorrow. I consider that a big success. :)

Now I know how the system works, I'll be able to sell other things, if I think they're worth putting up for sale.

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