Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

52 of Twenty Eleven

52 of Twenty Eleven by Helen in Wales
52 of Twenty Eleven, a photo by Helen in Wales on Flickr.

1. I wish..., 2. This is me!, 3. Gravestones, 4. A grey day in winter, 5. View across the bay, 6. Shadows of the gorsedd stones, 7. Lovespoon pendant on pink, 8. Through the Co-op window, 9. Woolly diptych for 52 in Twenty Eleven, 10. Vanishing point (Mawddach Trail), 11. Picnic table, 12. Old suitcase, 13. Lemons, 14. Swimming ducks, 15. Time's up!, 16. Watching meerkats, 17. Tai Lleol / Vernacular architecture, 18. Duck SOOC, 19. Buttercups in the back garden, 20. Gate & mountain, 21. Ukulele & tin whistles, 22. Curry sauce -- hot, hot, hot!, 23. The ghost of the present haunts the past, 24. Concentration, 25. Bull in a china shop, Hay-on-Wye, 26. Rowan berries, 27. Cable car on the Great Orme, Llandudno, 28. Umbelliferous flower in B&W, 29. Waves on Swanage beach, 30. Empty street, 31. Two busy lizzie flowers, 32. Bottle against the light, 33. Diamond-paned window Tretower Court, 34. Fairy liquid old and new, 35. The toys tackle the stairs36. Candle holders with bokeh, 37. Eldon Square early morning, 38. Low key gargoyle, 39. Morning dew, 40. View from Cadair Idris, 41. Abstract, 42. Floppy discs, 43. Grass, 44. Homemade buns, 45. West Shore Llandudno, 46. The Radcliffe Camera, Oxford, 47. Waiting for the bus, 48. Pop poster pastiche, 49. Minimalist flower, 50. What is it?, 51. St Paul's at Christmas, 52. Looking to the future

I've put together a mosaic of all the photos I took for the 52 of Twenty Eleven group. I managed to complete all 52 weeks, even though the photos had to be on a particular theme.

Of course this means that they're not all brilliant photos, but having a group challenge like this really keeps me motivated and encourages me to get out the camera, even when the weather is awful and I don't really feel like taking photos.

Tags: 52 weeks, photo-a-week, photography

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